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Being a small business in a suburban area can be a real advantage for clients. Our firm has the ability to add a personal touch to all of our services. We not only know all of our clients by name, but we know and understand their personal situations. This allows us to better help our clients at tax time and with future planning. We are always available and ready to help. If our clients can't make it to us, we will make sure we get out to them. It's the part of the job that our team enjoys the most!

Mark West

For the past 37 years, Mark has made a name for himself in the accounting world.  Graduating from Albright College in 1983 with a bachelor’s degree in accounting and then onto his CPA license, his longevity in the industry really does speak for itself. Mark started in the community at an early age by helping his father’s business, West Motor Freight, which operated in the Boyertown area. Prior to starting his own tax and accounting practice in 1999, Mark worked for several impressive accounting companies as a tax specialist, this has molded him into the well-versed accountant he is today.  Today, tax laws are ever changing and can become a daunting task for taxpayers, but this is where Mark really shines. His expertise, knowledge and constant studies of the new regulations gives him an unparalleled advantage in the accounting world. He does everything he can for his clients by going above and beyond just preparing returns and legally minimizing tax liabilities. He doesn’t see it as just preparing your returns, but in fact preparing you for your future. His involvement with Calvary Church of Pottstown makes him an honest, devout and caring individual both in his professional and home life. Mark is not just your accountant; He is your neighbor and friend.

Jeff Miller

Jeff Miller graduated in 1993 from Kutztown University with a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing.   After years of working in the insurance field, he returned to Kutztown University in 2002 to obtain his dual degree in Accounting.  He has been a Certified Public Accountant since 2003. Jeff has spent 7 years in the private industry and 5 years in public accounting. He has been working for West & Company for 4 years during tax season and has finally decided to join full time. He brings to the table experience in handling sales tax audits with several states including Pennsylvania.  He also has years of experience in complex property tax compliance and property assessment negations. On top of being a powerhouse of knowledge he also is a dedicated husband and father.  He is a Boy Scout leader with local Troop 73 and has provided service in the community through several projects including improvements to Green Lane and New Hanover Community Parks.

He is also a volunteer for local boys to experience the national scout range in Philmont, New Mexico. He takes pride in our community and has coached several youth sports teams in the Boyertown area. He is also a devout member of Saint Andrews Methodist Church in Boyertown.  We are excited to have such an experienced CPA join forces with us to help our clients achieve the highest level of confidence in our firm.


Can we get a drum roll for payroll! Ruthy has been West & Company’s payroll specialist since 2007. When it comes to paychecks she never misses a beat! She makes the complex world of payroll and sales tax look like a piece of cake. She has a streamlined system that is flawless. Whether you have 1 employee or 100, her personalized attention to detail can not compare to those other payroll companies that make you just another customer. To her you're a friend! Your happiness and confidence in her means the world! And she will never let you miss a payment. While your busy keeping your employees busy, she is working hard to make sure your payroll is always spot on and on time. The benefits of working with a smaller firm guarantees you the personal attention your business needs and deserves. When most people get audit paperwork they get nervous and frazzled. Since you have Ruthy, she will not only put your mind at ease by walking you through everything, she also makes sure your paperwork is in order so nothing less than a happy auditor walks out of our office. You spend less time worrying about the small details and more time focusing on  your biggest priority, your business! If your looking to do a one stop for all your small businesses financial needs, give us a call and set up service with West & Company! You’ll be relieved you did!


We were so lucky to hire Amanda in January 2019. She is a quick learner and the friendliest of people we have ever met. She comes with 10 + years of high-quality experience working with people. She is always on the ball when it comes to making sure our clients are happy and will go out of her way to get information from them so that we can complete the work we need to do to get them across the deadline finish line. You are always greeted with a smile and your reason for being here is never over extended thanks to her superior organization. She proudly has become a Quickbooks Pro Advisor and quickly filling big shoes in the office from learning payroll, bookkeeping, and tax laws. She aspires to makes more strides to improve her knowledge of all the things accounting. We are thrilled to have her as part of the team and look forward to her progression in the tax world.

Josh Schueck

Josh is the newest addition to the West and Company team. He graduated from West-Mont Christian Academy as a National Honor Society Student. He went on to receive his Associates Degree of Applied Sciences in Biblical Studies at Calvary Chapel Bible College. He has 2 years’ experience working directly with consumers in retail and service products. He also has 4 years’ experience of shipping and inventory management in the Fastener Manufacturing/Distributing Industry. He now takes on the world of accounting, bookkeeping, tax law, and payroll, while endeavoring to learn and put into practice all that he can to be a great addition to the team. He and his wife lead worship at his home church Calvary Pottstown and are involved in the church’s other various ministries. Honesty, loyalty, trust, and hard work ethic are very important to him, not only in his day-to-day life, but also in his involvement at West and Company. He aims for excellence in his pursuit of the accounting profession with an ever-growing knowledge and comprehension